Courses and Training

fMRI Training
The faculty in human neuroimaging will be offering a graduate course, PSYC 795, in the fall of 2016.

This course provides a comprehensive and rigorous introduction to the technique of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Each week’s session will be composed of a lecture and laboratory. One or more Department of Psychology and Neuroscience faculty members will lead each class session.

There are four main objectives for the course: (1) Students will learn the basic physics underlying MRI; the biological principles of fMRI, the principles of experimental design, the processing steps for data analysis, the use of available software packages, and special considerations for patient research; (2) Students will understand major trends in the current literature on fMRI and be able to identify major leaders in the field and their theoretical and empirical contributions; (3) Students will be able to critically review primary-source empirical articles and comprehensive reviews, and will be able to stimulate and sustain active scholarly discussion about this literature; (4) Students will be able to identify a topic of interest in the fMRI literature and develop an independent research project that builds on knowledge gained in the class.